Household Needs

Once upon a time we used to live in a society where the majority of households chores were handled and done by our mothers. I do not have to make you understand the world today. Yes, it is no more a duty of One. Someone just shifted to a rent all alone first time without … Continue reading Household Needs

When Do Politics Decide Friendship?

“The quicker we leave, the less chance we have for weaving something better than all that politics has failed to deliver.” When it comes to friendship and politics, pastor J.S. Park encourages us to build — not burn — bridges. via When Do Politics Decide Friendship? — Discover

Lets Get Social!

Social defines human character in present generation. Education boosts our knowledge and being social boosts our confidence to implement those knowledge. Yes, these thought may not be understand by our previous generations because those people knew how to make use of their knowledge purely into their respective work. Nowadays, not only our profile but our … Continue reading Lets Get Social!

Being Better At Life — The Return of the Modern Philosopher

I was walking down the hall today, Modern Philosophers, minding my own business and staying out of trouble, when a coworker stopped me. “There’s something different about you, Austin,” she informed me. The coworker who was with her, immediately jumped in and said that I had lost a lot of weight. She was right, but […] … Continue reading Being Better At Life — The Return of the Modern Philosopher